Attributes Of A Good Logo: 5 Things That Makes A Good Logo

Attributes of a Good Business or Company Logo

If you are a designer, you must heard statement this “I want a classic, eye-catchy, creative and beautiful logo for business” from clients. And if you are business owner, you must have used the same statement to your logo designer. But what’s really a good logo? How can know a good logo? And how can we know if a logo is best for a business.

A good logo isn’t about fine shape or type; but a mark that truly differentiate a brand or a distinct icon that identifies a company.

In fact logo is the most important brand element of any business. It’s what differentiates your business from the crowd of your competitor. It should be able to communicate your brand uniqueness and values to your potential customers.

While many might think that aesthetics is what define a good logo; here are five qualities or attributes of a good logo. And you examine the logos of top brand like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and others, you will notice these attributes.

1. Simplicity

Good logos are simple. Its simplicity makes it easier for customers to identify it even from a distant. It’s just simple and straight forward. Often times, it’s just a simple shape or type.

2. Memorable

A good logo should memorable enough, so that someone who has seen the logo once should still be able to recall it easily and be able to describe to someone else. This makes easy to people to easily identity your products or services in a crowded market.

3. Timeless

While following trend might seem novel, good logo is not meant to be trendy. When creating a logo for business, forget about trend because “trend comes and go”. It should timeless and endure for some period of time. Changing logo every month is way to lose credibility with your customers.

4. Adaptive

A good logo should be versatile. It should work well across devices and platforms. A good logo should work well on website, mobile app, letterhead, business card, signage, billboard, promotional ideas, ads etc.

5. Appropriate

A good logo needs to be appropriate for your brand. It should fit your business. It should be the best and appropriate mark for your company. It should be able describe what your business stand for.

However, it shouldn’t explicitly show an image of your product or services, but it should be able to convey the brand image to the audience. You don’t need to use a jpeg image of a caterpillar for a Construction Company or an image of a ring for jewelry store, etc.


Here are five attributes of a good logo. I hope this short article has help you in understanding what a good logo is and what is not. Do you need an appropriate logo for your business? Palment is your design agency. Contact us today!