What is Content Marketing: What are the best Practices to do it Right

What is Content Marketing
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“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Making a brand stand out from the crowd and appear trustworthy to the right audience is not an easy job. In order to build a successful brand, you have to define your audience and create relevant content to meet their specific needs. No matter the channel your audience chooses to interact with your brand– your website, blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any future technology – they should all demonstrate the unique experience that your brand represents.

Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It’s far more than that; your brand is the totality of experience people have associating with your business. Your website and social media profiles are the face of your company. However, your website should be the target destination of all your marketing effort.  For instance, If your brand is a house, your website is the door to your business.

Why content matters

Content helps your audience understand who you are, your expertise and your overall understanding of your industry. These- contents can be news, step-by-step guide, whitepapers, quote, advice etc. Your website is the hub for all information related to your business, its products and offerings, and the people behind your brand. Your website also serves as a place for people to gain a sense of your brand personality. Based on the effectiveness of your website to showcase your brand personality, people will determine whether or not they want to do business with you.

A smart Content Marketing plan will generate leads, promote your brand, increase customer engagement, and position you as a thought leader within your industry. With content tools like blogging and social media, we can connect and engage with potential clients easier and faster than ever before.

Content marketing best practices

Set clear goal.

To have a successful content marketing you must set clear goals. You don’t just create content for creating sake.  Your goals might include driving more traffic to your website, improving your SEO ranking and improving conversion rate on website, etc.

Before embarking of any content creation and marketing, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What goal I am trying to achieve
  • What impacts will this content to your business or product?
  • How will this content help my audience/ customers?
  • What you want your audience to learn from it.

Choose a niche

Often I see marketers and bloggers posting content that doesn’t relate to their industry or business. Just because politics or sport is trending doesn’t mean you blog or create contents about it. You need to narrow down you field of focus and stick to it. The more nicher your blog, the more you convert the right audience. You need to think critical and brainstorm the type of topic your audience might be interested in and write valuable content to satisfy their needs.

Understand your audience

Ask yourself “who are my audience”. You need to understand the kind of content your audience wants to see. Some people prefer visual contents while others prefer words. Depending on where your audience spends their time will determine the kind of content you should create. You also need to understand the kind of words that resonate with your audience and incorporate them to your contents. Also, in your content distributing, your will need to select the channel that your audience prefer.  Some of the distribution includes email, social media post, blog post, YouTube videos etc.

Research your keyword.

Before creating any blog post, it is important that you conduct a keyword research. This will help you know whether the keyword you are targeting has searchers or not, the search volume and your competitive advantage to rank high on such keywords.

Note: It is advisable to go for less competitive keywords because ranking first on competition may require spending more money than your competitors which you not be financially capable of.

Also doing keyword research will help uncover the key phrase your audience or customers are using to find your products and services. After uncovering these keywords, you will need to add these keywords to you content. Keyword research tools like SEMrush and KWFinder  Keywordtool.io are some of the tools you can use to research your keywords. After researching and discovery your, ensure to add these keywords to title tag, meta tags, heading and your copy.

Promote your content

It worthless if after creating great and nobody knows about it. Is one thing is to create contents, is another thing to get it across to your potential audience.

There many ways you can promote your content. You can promote your content using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Adwords, etc. You can also use free medium like social media posting and sharing to promote your content, but the result might not be huge if you don’t have thousand and millions of fan on your page.

Quest blogging is another awesome way to promote your content. Quest posting gives the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry as well as drive traffic to your content. It helps you drive high-quality backlinks to your website which in turns improves your SEO ranking.

I hope this has been helpful in your content marketing journey, please don’t forget to share or leave a comment. Thank you for reading through.

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