How to Use Social Media Right: Personal & Business

How to Use Social Media Right.
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Social media is one of the best things that have happened to our generation. In fact, two out of the three people you meet has a social media accounts and the number is increasing every day.  It has help us all become hero and celebrity in one way or the other. Many people have built multi-million dollar businesses through social media. While many are building fortune through social media, others are still struggling on how to use social properly.

Also, some people are using social media wrongly. Many are using social to cause havoc and problem to others. But the sad news is that using social media wrongly can make us unhappy, depressed and miserable. Based on research, the amount time wasted on social is killing our creativity and productivity.

Now let’s look at the right ways to use social media

1. Choose your platform

You don’t have sign up to all the social media network because everyone is there. Each social media network has its own purpose and target audience.

For example, LinkedIn is a professional platform where you connect and network with professionals. LinkedIn gives you opportunity to meet industry leaders, business partners, investors and even job opportunities. While Facebook help you content with your family and friends. Facebook can helps you connect with your high school classmate and friend you haven’t seen for years. Twitter on the hand is where you the latest update on what’s happening around the globe. Twitter is a platform where you entrepreneur, industry leaders and prominent people in the society.

So, it is necessary you choose the platform that best suits your interest and purpose.

2. Be original and engage

Authenticity has never been as important as it is today. People want to connect and do business with real people.  Because of the high level of crime, people are cautious of whom to follow and engage with on the internet. Don’t make the mistake of operating a faceless account, if you really want people to engage with you.

 People want to know who they are connecting or communicating with. Social media work best when you engage with others. Engage with your clients, customers and friends. If possible, try to know more about your friends and audience. Engagement helps build friendship and relationships.

4. Watch what you post

The freedom of speech granted by social media has given people more opportunity to spread false and fake information. You shouldn’t share or post information you aren’t sure of. Ensure to verify and validate any information before sharing.

Using social media right requires knowing what to post and what not to post. Once any post is posted, you don’t have control over who sees it or save it. It can fall into the hand haters, critics and bad people. So it is important to be careful of you share. Don’t share personal information that may give people the advantage of hacking your account.

Also, your social media posts shouldn’t just be about yourself or business alone. Ensure you share contents that are valuable to your audience and friends. Don’t post content that are offensive to others. Share educational, entertainment and motivational contents.

4. Follow people wisely

Follow people based on interest and intent. This can be a daunting task. Sometimes it may hard not following your acquaintances, co-workers, clients and partners. The truth is that you can’t follow everyone.

Follow people who share similar view of world with you. You don’t need disrespectful and nagging people on page. Remember, it is better having few real friends than to have millions of fake friends.

5. Don’t attack or bully people

Bully people used to be face-to-face or physical activity, but now we have cyberbullying. Some people take pleasure in abusing, criticizing and destroying other people’s image online. Sadly people has reverse the main intent of social media network and have make it the battle ground make fun of others.

Cyberbullying has led to the death and mental disorder of many. Some has committed suicide because of this. Social media was intended to be a place meet and connect with like-minded people, not a place to tear and destroy one another.

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