3 Reason Why Design & Branding Projects Fail

3 Reason Why Design & Branding Projects Fail
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Good design is good business. The success is any product/brand may be based on its visual representation. From logo design, brand identity, product label and website design of any brand should be a true representation of a brand’s mission, culture and value.  Your brand identity is what separate you from the crowd of competitors and will enhance user’s engagement.

Truth be told, design can go wrong sometimes, which will heavily have a negative impact to your business/product. In cases like this the both client & designer will lose money as well as customers. After working with many businesses both startup & large scale business, I was able discover why design project fail at time and I will love share it on this post.

Basically, there are two set of people which determines the success or failure of any design project

  1. The client (business owner/CEO/Project manager)
  2. The designer (agency/Freelancer)

The following point are some of the things I think are responsible for project failure

Lack of collaboration:

Design is always a collaborative work between the designer and the client. The designer helps the client to bring his/her ideas, imagination to life, while the client pay for the service. So each one has a role to play towards the success of the project. One thing I have figure out is that when there is no effective communication between the designers and client which leads to project failure.

Emotional bias

Another common experience is personal emotion vs what is ideal. Many at times, client may be asking/requesting for the wrong thing. Sometimes client want to impose their ideas on the designer because it their business or they are in charge. Design shouldn’t be about what the business owner/CEO/designers want, but rather what is ideal, ethical, and acceptable and users friendly. Yes a business owner/CEO may have a good idea for their business/product but it is job of the designer to bring those ideas into reality through illustration/design. Is like going to the hospital for checkup; the doctor will test on you and offer recommendation/prescription; No one says to the doctor “I don’t need your recommendation/prescription, I just want you give me drug I want”. The same is applied to a designer/developer.

Unprofessionalism of designers

The designer’s goal is education the client on the right things to do and best practices. However, there is no definite rule in design, but there are still dos and don’ts in doing things.  For instance, let say a designer is designing a valentine flyer for a client and the client says: I don’t like red, please use blue instead. What should be the response of the designer? The designer should be able to educate the client on the meaning of colours and the important for using red for a valentine flyer, rather than using blue because that’s what the client want.  Sometimes is not about what the client want, but about is the good.

Finally design should be more of users’ focus tie to the business goal rather personal preferences. I believe this post is helpful to both designers and clients.


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