5 Attributes Of A Good Logo

Attributes a good logo

Great logo is synonymous to successful brands. Just look at the logos of top brands like Google, Amazon, Apple; you will notice how amazing their logo are.

But what really make a good logo? Is it nice font, shape, icon, or colour? You might be surprised, none of these by itself makes a good logo.

What then makes a great logo? That what we are going to discuss on this post. But before we dive into the attributes of a good logo, let’s define a logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is a unique name design or mark that identifies a business, organization, company, or product. It is one of the most important brand assets of any company. It's one key element that differentiates one brand from another.

The 5 Attributes A Good Business Logo.

Since nice shape, font or icon doesn't define a great logo. So let's look at what makes a great. Below are 5 attributes of good business logo.

1. Simplicity

A good logo should be simple. Its simplicity makes it easier for customers to identify it even from a distant. It’s just simple and straight forward. Often times, it’s just a simple shape or type.

2. Memorable

Good logo should be memorable. Someone who has seen your logo once should be able to recognize it easily and be able to describe to someone else. This makes easy people to easily identity your products or services, even in a crowded market.

3. Timeless

While following trend might seem ideal, a logo is not meant to be trendy. When designing a logo for business or company, forget about what’s trending and focus on timeless. Good logo should endure for some period of time.

4. Adaptive

Good logo should be versatile. It should work well across devices and platforms. It should work well on website, mobile app, letterhead, business card, signage, billboard, promotional ideas, ads etc.

5. Appropriate

Good logo must be appropriate the appropriate identifier for your brand. It should be able to compliment your brand's personality, uniqueness, and purpose.

However, it shouldn’t explicitly show an image of your product or services. You don’t have to use a jpeg image of a caterpillar for a construction company logo or a laptop for computer store. You just need to create a mark that clearly differentiates your business from the crowd of competitors.


A good logo is vital in building an enduring brand. But the question is: does your business or company logo has these attributes that defines a good logo? Is it simple, memorable, adaptive, appreciate, and timeless? If not, you might need a new logo.

Thank you for reading through.

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