How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In Nigeria 2023

Website design cost in Nigeria

Just like the price every product or service, website design cost is dynamic. Which is why there's always need to review prices before reaching out to a web designer or developer. And knowing how much a site should cost beforehand will help you allocate appropriate budget for your website design and development.

On this post, we are going consider the frequent questions around designing or building a website. These frequently asked questions includes:

  • How much does it cost to build a website?
  • How much does web designers charge?
  • What are factors that determines the cost of building a website?

This article is going to give answers to these questions. And at the end of this post, you should be acquainted with the prices of different types of websites.

Summarily, the cost of building a website in Nigeria 2023 is between N80, 000 & N5,000,000. But the actual cost is based on the type or functionality of the website.

Note: Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, websites are not built once - it's a continous event. There's always room for improvement and redesigning. One major mistake often made by business owners is treating website building as a once and for all event. For any business or company to remain relevant and competitive in the digital space, she must regularly improve and update her website.

But, before we dive into how much it cost to build a website; let's look at four factors that determines the cost of a website or the cost of building a website.

4 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Building A Website

There are various factors that affect the cost of building a website. But for this post, we are going to look at four of them namely: project scope, designer/developer, demography, and framework.

1. Project Scope

The project scope/ brief is a detailed information of the would be website. These details includes: goal of the website, functionalities, target users, etc. Often times these information is provided by the business owner, CEO, or CMO that want to build a website for their company.

2. Developer

The design/ developer you hire can be the determinant factor on how much it cost to design a website. Are you hiring a junior developer, senior developer, a full-stack developer, or a web design company.

A senior developer is likely to charge higher than a junior developer, and an agency is likely to charge higher than a freelancer. But price is not always the issue, but building a site that improves brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue.

3. Demography

The cost of creating a website also vary based on demography or country. The cost designing a website in Nigeria will be different from the cost of designing a website in US, Canada, or India.


The framework a site is built on can have impact on how much a website should cost. There are various frameworks for creating a website including - Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, etc. But choosing the right framework is critical to building an attractive and users-friendly website.

Content management system (CMS) like Wordpress and Webflow are easy to use and manage. But if you want to build custom website, application, or digital product; you will need to know how to code or employ the services of experienced web development company.

Beside the factors listed above, here are another three things that affects the cost of building a website.

  • Domain name extension (.com, net, .org, .ltd, .xyx)
  • Hosting package (Windows or Linux)
  • Ongoing maintenance & update

Types Of Websites and Their Respective Cost

Now that we have seen the factors that influence the cost of designing a website; let's look at types of website and their respective cost. There are various types of websites, but for the sake of this post, we are going to consider just 4, namely: blog, small business website, corporate website, and ecommerce website.

1. Blog

A blog is a site that features article, news, and updates. This is often used by writers, coaches, and industry experts to share their wealth of knowledge. Companies and businesses also use blog share updates about their products and services.

A blog is one the easiest website to build, and there many free platforms to get it up and running.

2. Small Business Website.

As the name implies, this is a website for small business or startup. Sometimes, the founders haven't figured out who their target audience or customers are. So, startup website tends to be simple and with limited number of pages.

The cost of designing a small business website is between N80, 000 and N150,000

3. Corporate Website

A corporate website is an official website of an establish brand or company. It offers an exclusive insight about the company, its values, leadership, policies and their contribution to the society. This types of sites is more complex than the startup websites.

The cost of building a corporate website is between N150, 000 and N1,000,000

4. E-Commerce Website

E-commerce is a website that allow customers make purchase directly online without visiting physical shop or office. This type of sites are more complex than both startup and corporate website. It features different kinds of products with their respective prices, and payment options for customers to choose from.

E-Commerce is one of fastest growing online business with website like Amazon and Alibaba taken the lead globally, and here in Nigeria we have Jumia & Konga as leading brands.

The cost of developing an e-commerce website is between N500, 000 and N5, 000,000


Website design cost is not static, and if you don't have a website for your business; this your best time to own a website.

A well-designed website is one of the most effective marketing digital strategies to generate quality leads and customers online today. And no matter your business type, target audience, or niche; you need to a website attract, engage, and convert online audience to paying customers.

I hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions on how much it costs to build a website in Nigeria or the cost of designing a website in Nigeria. If you have further questions regarding website design, development, and management, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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